Luke Bihm

Great atmosphere. Great knowledge of problems with the back. I went in barely able to walk and within just a few days was able to move and function again. Dr. Liscum is easy to understand and offers many recovery options

Kim Erickson

After suffering with migraines for 18 years and trying every medication to prevent and treat them, I have now been 4 months without one!! Dr. Liscum uses different methods from other chiro's I've seen in the past and I've never had this kind of relief from back pain and migraines. He incorporates excercise and massage therapy as well as encouraging healthy eating. I feel better than I have in 10 years! I highly recommend! 

Elke Rodriguez

Dr. Sam provides excellent one of a kind chiropractic care. The personalized treatment deals with ones unique symptoms and conditions. He has helped me recover from nagging neck pain and issues with a hiatal hernia. Human Performance also provides life changing services like guidance about nutrition, eating habits and exercise patterns. Dr. Sam is the best in the business in my book.